Steps to Starting an Internet Business Online – These Amazing Steps Will Surprise You |

If you want to know the steps to starting an internet business, then you need to read these amazing steps that were revealed by two people who made it big online while working from home. Since people learn differently, you may find the one that best fits you. Any of these steps to starting an online business will give you a head start to a stable online business for many years to come.JohnHis best skill was carpet cleaning. He worked offline for many years as a carpet cleaner. He was both skilled and interested in that. He wanted to exchange his skill for online cash, hence used the following steps.1. He did market and keyword research to know whether people are looking for such information and whether they will spend money for it. His results were positive. Market and Keyword research is the first most important step.

2. He studied how to package his knowledge into an eBook with information product creation secret.3. He learnt all about the technical aspects of online marketing like domain names, web hosting and simple website design.4. He learnt all the methods of making people who are searching for how to clean carpets to find his website. These are traffic generation secrets.5. Finally, he learned how to deliver his product, customer care and rinse and repeat the whole process on other areas of online marketing.MichelleMichelle is another marketer who makes five figures per month. These were her steps for starting an internet business online.1. She joined a marketing discussion group online and studied all the business models being discussed. They include Google AdSense, blogging, Google AdWords, cost per action and a host of others. She decided to go for blogging.2. She studied online search trends through sites that give information about online trends. She then picked a narrow area where there was profitability and a good number of searches per day.

3. She went further to get a domain name and a hosting account which she then installed a blog on. The website had extra enhancements like an attractive theme and plugins.4. She started posting keyword targeted articles on the site. She monetized the blog with related affiliate programs and Google AdSense.5. She started promoting the blog by pinging and writing and submitting articles to article directories on a daily basis. After the first month, she had made enough money to repeat the process again in another niche.

Start a Business Online or Stay in My Job? |

I’m guessing that if you are reading this article then the dilemma of whether to quit your job and start up your own business online is one that is on your mind right now. So in this article I’m going to describe an exercise you can do to help you decide if you do really want to leave your job which will help you with at least one part of this dilemma. At the end I’ll tell you how you can get more help for free and get an answer to the second part I.e. is the alternative starting my own business or do I really just need to find a better job.

Now to get the most out of this exercise you need to find somewhere quiet to do it and you need to get into a good state of mind I.e. not feeling rushed or worrying about all the other things you need to do. You will need a pen and some blank paper or if you prefer you could use the computer and open up a blank Word document instead. You might also find it useful to have a timer.Write the following at the top of your sheet or page: What is making me unhappy in my current job?
Now set the timer for say 10 minutes and just record anything that comes to mind. Keep repeating the question over and over to yourself and the ideas will come.
Next number each item in order of how badly they affect you with number 1 being the worst and so on. Set this aside and move on to the next step.
Take a new sheet or page and write the following: What do I really enjoy about my current job?
As before set the timer and record anything that pops into your mind and then number them in order with number 1 being the best and so on.
Finally compare the top 3 on each list and ask yourself if the top 3 negatives outweigh the top 3 positives or vice versa.

Another good indicator with be the length of each list I.e. if you have far more negatives than positives. You should find that you know, often as a feeling in your gut, the truth of whether or not you need to get out of your current job or whether you just need to find ways to improve the parts that cause you trouble.